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Why choose CleoHost

We know your busy coding beautiful applications, earnest php code, and websites that serve the a purpose in this world. As an technology provider we want to see you succeed without a bunch of fine print or hard to understand hoops to jump through. We have teamed up with software vendors, hardware providers, worldwide datacenters, and developers to provide you what we like to call the H9 Hosting Platform.

Our hosting platform and recipe for success starts with 9 essential ingredients with of course our own secret sauce. These ingredients by themselves are simply tools, but when combined in the correct portions provide a reliable, secure, and safe place to host your websites.

Simple Reasons Why You will like CleoHost

Reason 1 : The Hardware Infrastructure.

At CleoHost we don’t believe in cutting corners or selecting providers that offer low end hosting solution. In fact every piece of hardware we purchase for your hosting account comes with it’s own service level agreement, remote access, and a developed protocol if disaster strikes.

Reason 2 : The Software Infrastructure.

Not all software is created equal and at CleoHost the equalizer is the way the software is installed, configured, and secured for our hosting platform.

Reason 3 : The Network Infrastructure.

Texas, Georgia, United Kingdom, Florida, California and Virginia just to name a few; but our world wide geographical network of servers provide you the most flexibility and highest availability. Our service level agreement guarantees 99.9% uptime, but our goal is always 100%.

Reason 4 : The “Break-Up” Experts.

Saying goodbye to your current provider is often a tough tactic but we will make it easy. When they are not looking we will sneak in, grab your website and get it up and running on our system. When it’s all said and done you can send them whatever break-up line you want, but we prefer – Let’s just be friends line.

Reason 5 : The Support Infrastructure

We take your problems seriously and that’s why we have built a support team that has both dexterity and accuracy in solving problems. We make it easy – find us in online chat, open a ticket and we will work through any technology issues you might have. Our tickets are answered within 4 hours and our average resolution time is less than 1 hour.

Reason 6 : The Backup Ecosystem

Another thing we take very seriously is your data. You might want the fine print with various hosting providers, but generally you’ll read your responsible for data backups. At CleoHost we have deployed a Backup Ecosystem using R1Soft and reliable remote storage. Site backups are taken every night across multiple data centers giving both you and our staff the ability to instantly restore your data.

Reason 7 : The Free Infrastructure

Well it’s not an infrastructure but it does bring some value to the overall hosting products we offer. Every hosting account has a few added bonuses such as site builders, control panel themes, IP Addresses, one click applications (WordPress, Joomla, ect), and from time to time some other promotions we make available.

Reason 8 : The Pay-As-You-Grow Infrastructure

At some point your personal blog might become a hit. You might land on Digg or you might be the next Bill Gates. It’s cool to start small and grow your online presence, but for most when the whole growing thing happens in 36 hours are you going to be to shift your hosting to a platform that will handle the pressure. At CleoHost it’s really simple; start small ($3.95) and grow big to either a Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server and we do the work. Transfers, upgrades, and platform changes require nothing more than your approval to proceed.