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OpenVZ VPS Platform

OpenVZ is the open source version of SWsoft’s award-winning virtualization software, Virtuozzo. Like its commercial counterpart, OpenVZ offers compartmentalized file systems, full root access, and reliable performance to virtual private server administrators.

While other VPS hosting platforms are beginning to grow in popularity, OpenVZ remains the preferred platform at CleoHost. We recommend that you compare OpenVZ and Xen to see which platform will offer you the features you need; but if you are transitioning from shared hosting or you intend to run a LAMP or RoR production site, it is very likely that OpenVZ VPS hosting is the right choice for you.

We have offered OpenVZ and its commercial counterpart for over 5 years, and our extensive background in supporting both platforms has allowed us to customize and enhance the base OpenVZ platform to provide the best possible experience for all of our customers. We’ve added many features to our OpenVZ virtual private server products to streamline the management experience and fine-tune performance.

OpenVZ VPS Features

Here’s why we recommend OpenVZ hosting over Xen for most applications:

  • OpenVZ offers the best virtual private server performance for your money
  • OpenVZ includes our full complement of Linux operating system templates and application stacks
  • OpenVZ VPS administrators pay the lowest licensing cost for WHM / cPanel web hosting reseller control panel.

As with any CleoHost service, you can expect full control of your server with our custom Server Control Center, as well as year-round twenty-four hour support.

Ready to set up your OpenVZ VPS? Select a plan and start enjoying the low prices and uncompromising service level.