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Most Popular Articles

Article Is php5 available? How do I use php5 alongside php4?
All Jaguar shared servers have php5 along with php4. New servers are being setup with PHP5 as default where old servers still have php4 as...
Views: 13275
Article What is burstable RAM? What is privvmpages?
Each Virtual Private Server has a guaranteed amount of RAM that can be used at any time no matter what. Yet there is always a certain amount of...
Views: 6128
Article Can I run a phpbb forum (message board) on my site?
Absolutely! In fact we've pre-installed it for you. Phpbb is free, open source software for running a forum. Phpbb runs on MySQL, so you can use...
Views: 5204
Article Someone is spamming my forms/blog/guestbook. What can I do to stop or report them?
1) Reporting the spammer to the source network does not usually help. However, if you really want to report, you can note down the IP of the...
Views: 5026
Article Can I charge whatever I want to my customers as a reseller?
You are free to charge your customers any fees that you'd like. We impose no restrictions on what you can and can't charge as a reseller.
Views: 4968