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Article Can I do basic http authentication through php?
Yes, HTTP authentication works fine through PHP.
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Article Can I run PHP scripts anywhere on my site?
Yes, PHP scripts do not have to reside in a particular directory and will run anywhere on your...
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Article How do I change File Permissions?
If you're new to scripting, or getting the dreaded "Internal Server Error" when you try to run a...
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Article How do I edit the text of my web page?
If you have a web page created by someone else, you can edit the text easily. Here's how: 1....
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Article How do I make changes to PHP settings?
You need to use your own php.ini file in the folder where the PHP script executes. For more...
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Article How do I provide streaming - Audio / Video ?
We DO NOT have streaming server software running on our servers. However, you can progressively...
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Article How do I stream RealMedia content using HTTP?
1. Upload your encoded RealAudio or RealVideo files (files with the .ra or .rm extensions) to...
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Article How do I use get_browser functions in my php?
get_browser is a php function that tells what the user's browser is capable of [1]. You can...
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Article I am using php4, is there any problem using php5 for my applications?
This can be correctly answered by the developer/vendor of your web applications. If they say...
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Article I have two index files under public_html. Apache is picking one with the .html extension. How can I change its order?
Apache's 'DirectoryIndex' directive is used for this purpose. On our servers we have 'index.html...
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Article I want my HTML pages to be parsed by the PHP engine. How can I do it?
In order to parse HTML pages by the PHP engine, you need to add the following line in the...
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Article I want to use php sessions without cookies?
This is a development issue and is explained in the php manual:
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Article Is php5 available? How do I use php5 alongside php4?
All Jaguar shared servers have php5 along with php4. New servers are being setup with PHP5 as...
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Article What are some basic software paths?
Sendmail: /usr/lib/sendmail Perl5: /usr/bin/perl Serverpath: /home/username/public_html Root...
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Article What are some basic SSI tags/features?
Include a document inside another !--#include file="file.html"-- (relative path) !--#include...
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Article What are valid file extensions for PHP scripts?
The valid file extensions for PHP scripts are listed below. One of these file extensions must be...
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Article What is PHP and how do I use it?
PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language that can be used to extend the functionality of...
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Article What is phpsuexec?
Phpsuexec is a deprecated feature in cPanel where PHP is setup as CGI instead of apache module....
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Article What is SSI (Server Side Includes) and how can I use it?
Server Side Includes (SSI) is a feature of CGI that enables you to dynamically insert a piece...
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Article What is suPHP? What is being changed from phpsuexec to suPHP? How to use PHP 4 or PHP 5 on CleoHost shared servers?
suPHP is a tool for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners. Phpsuexec also...
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Article What is the path to my home directory?
When you configure a script for any server, it may ask you to set variables such as the base,...
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Article What is the path to perl?
One of the first things you must do when configuring a script, is set the correct path to the...
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Article What is the path to sendmail?
Some programs such as the ones which send email will need to know where the Sendmail program...
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Article Where do I place CGI scripts?
Although you can place cgi scripts in random directories throughout your site, it's best if you...
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Article Which PHP modules are installed on servers?
Here is a brief list of PHP 4 modules that come standard with our shared/SDX/reseller servers:...
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Article Why do I get "Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: /path/to/configure.php"?
This is because of the secure php environment on our servers (phpsuexec). This usually happens...
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