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Article How do I login to my DirectAdmin Panel (Linux) on my VPS?
You can login to DirectAdmin using: http://MAINVPSIP:2222 for example http://201.11.777.9:2222...
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Article How do I login to my Interworx Control Panel (Linux) on my VPS?
You can login to Interworx using: https://MAINVPSIP:2443/nodeworx/ for example...
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Article How do I login to my Plesk Panel (Linux and Windows) on my VPS ?
You can login to Plesk using: https://MAINVPSIP:8443 for example https://201.11.777.9:8443 or...
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Article How do I login to my website control panel (cPanel)?
To access your web control panel directly: 1. Enter the address of your cPanel in your web...
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Article How do I retrieve my website statistics or logs?
You are provided with monthly website statistics which you can retrieve from your control panel....
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Article How do I use WebHost Manager (WHM)?
To access your WHM, direct your browser to http://SERVER_AIP_ADDRESS:2086 such as...
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Article I have a full backup of account through cPanel. How do I restore it?
cPanel full backup can only be restored by a server admin and only after terminating the...
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Article If my account is moved from one server to another, how much time (or downtime) will it take?
Moving an account across the server is a smooth process. We copy all your account data and...
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