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Article Can I add/edit/delete dns zones from WHM?
Yes, you have full control over dns zones that you host within your reseller account and can...
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Article Can I charge whatever I want to my customers as a reseller?
You are free to charge your customers any fees that you'd like. We impose no restrictions on...
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Article Can I use the layout or graphics from your site for my own site?
Yes, as long as you are a client of JaguarPC you are allowed to use any content on our site.
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Article Do I get WHM access with my reseller account?
Yes, our Bulk Reseller plans come with WHM access where you can create your own hosting...
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Article Do you provide Softaculous, Fantastico and RVSkin in reseller accounts?
Yes, Fantastico and RVSkin is included under WHM/cPanel reseller accounts. Depending on your...
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Article How do I become a reseller?
Read more about our reseller program at Be sure to...
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Article How do I remove Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools from the cPanel?
As a reseller you can control the features you want to display on your client's cPanel. This is...
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Article How do I use personal nameservers? ( &
Please submit a support ticket and we can assign you IP's from our nameservers that you can then...
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Article How to add an SPF record from WHM?
Please refer to this to understand what SPF is: For advanced users, you can...
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Article Which languages are supported in the Cpanel interface in reseller accounts?
The following languages are supported in user control panels (Cpanel) through rvskin themes:...
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