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Article Can I connect remotely to MySQL database?
Yes, it is possible! For this, you have to allow remote access from your control panel by adding...
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Article Can I import csv files using Load Data Infile?
This feature is not supported by cpanel but you can ask support to add File_priv to your db user...
Views: 3162
Article How can I backup and restore my MySQL databases?
There are two main ways to back up or restore a MySQL database on our servers: via SSH or the...
Views: 3140
Article How do I connect to and use MySQL?
Please login to your control panel and follow these steps below to create the database, database...
Views: 3174
Article How do I create/delete/edit my databases and users?
All administration of your MySQL databases and users can be done through our convenient web...
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Article What is MySQL?
MySQL is a very robust database server. It is often used to deliver dynamic content to sites...
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Article Which version of MySQL is available?
Our shared/sdx/reseller servers are setup with MySQL 5.0.x. If you need to use a newer version,...
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Article Why do I get error message: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' on shell?
If you get this error message when trying to use the mysql command line utility from shell:...
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