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Article How do I reach you if there's a problem or if I have questions?
The first thing to do is, of course, to search through this help system! We try very very hard...
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Article I am unable to reach my server/account/web site?
Please login to your client area and check the network status. If your server is up and running,...
Views: 3133
Article I created a file with a special character and can't delete it, can you help?
Many operating systems have special characters, called 'meta-characters', which carry special...
Views: 3121
Article I uploaded a new script to my cgi-bin but I am getting a server error when run.
This is a common mistake that's easily corrected. Your script was probably uploaded in the wrong...
Views: 3158
Article I'm having trouble sending email, what could the problem be?
If you are having trouble sending email, it is probably due to the auth scheme needed to allow...
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Article I'm using FrontPage and I published my site but my web's not there!
This will happen when the "Destination Web Name" is filled in when publishing to our server....
Views: 3066
Article My site or FTP service seems slow, just stops, or doesn't connect, why is that?
There are various of factors that can contribute to occasional slow download speeds or...
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Article My website got hacked, what to do?
Here are some tips to keep your site secure. This was primarily written in response to a hacked...
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Article My website is very slow. I am getting very slow response from my Web/VPS/Server. What is the problem?
Please open a support ticket and provide this information so support can troubleshoot the problem...
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Article When using FrontPage I'm getting the error - "Front Page Extensions not Installed"
We often see this error being reported even when the extensions have been installed. If you get...
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Article When using FrontPage Im getting error - "Root Web Busy"
FTP or telnet to your site and remove the "service.lck" file in /www/_vti_pvt. This usually...
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Article When using FrontPage the server is timing out when publishing large sites.
This difficulty arises when the uploading link times out in the process of copying the web to...
Views: 3300
Article Why do I get an empty directory listing or a goofy welcome page where my website should be?
When you first get set up and your domain becomes active, your URL will most likely bring you to...
Views: 3361
Article Why won't my pictures show up?
There are several reasons your images may not be showing up on your web page. 1. You haven't...
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