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Article How do I get people to visit my site?
This is going to take some time and effort on your part. People don't come just because you...
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Article How do I redirect one domain to another?
Place this meta script in your page you want to redirect: meta http-equiv="refresh"...
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Article How do I upload to a sub-domain?
It's exactly the same as uploading to a regular domain. The only difference is you should put...
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Article How does email work?
So you compose an email on your computer using an email client like Outlook. You address it to...
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Article How does the Internet work?
A network is a group of computers that are connected and can communicate with one another. "The...
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Article How many SQL queries are allowed on shared/SDX (max_user_connections)? Which dedicated server can fit my needs for it?
There is no hard and fast rule. It all depends on your queries. One bad query can take down the...
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Article How to keep my account secure from hacking?
Please follow our Security Guidelines stipulated in this section of our Knowledgebase to keep...
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Article I have X GB traffic/bandwidth, have not used all, why is my site creating load and being asked to upgrade?
Server load and bandwidth are two entirely different things. Server load refers to the amount...
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Article I need help with getting started. I need some links to useful information.
We've got just what you need. Please start by checking out our quickstart guide at:...
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Article I want to get started right away but my domain name hasn't transferred/isn't updated yet. How do I do it?
You can upload your page(s) immediately by pointing your FTP client to the IP address you were...
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Article I've forgotten my login to the client area. What other method can I use to contact you?
Please send an email to our Support Team with details of your account and we'll send an email to...
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Article Someone is spamming my forms/blog/guestbook. What can I do to stop or report them?
1) Reporting the spammer to the source network does not usually help. However, if you really...
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Article What are some account basics?
Thank you for joining the CleoHost community. We'll explain some basic procedures and steps to...
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Article Where do I upload my website files?
Your account has both non-web accessible space and of course your web accessible space. Your...
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