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Which control panel should I choose and which one is better?

We can not say which of the control panels is better, nor which one will be better for you and your business. In most cases, this is a matter of a personal opinion. We use cPanel for our shared hosting services.

The Linux control panels available through us are cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and Interworx. We provide support for these as well for no extra charge.

If you are already using a certain control panel, it is usually easiest to continue using the same control panel - unless you are not comfortable with it or need certain features that are only available in another control panel.

There are free control panels available as well which you can try on your own. Some users choose not to use any control panel at all. Yes, it is possible if you can configure and use all the required servers and services directly (e.g. mail server, web server, dns, mysql server) and troubleshoot issues yourself.

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