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My site or FTP service seems slow, just stops, or doesn't connect, why is that?

There are various of factors that can contribute to occasional slow download speeds or time-outs. If it seems that your site generally is always slow, it may be because you have images on your pages that are too large. If you have larger images, try using image compression software to reduce your image file size.

Another reason could be a problem or congestion with a provider that is out of our network but between you and us. If your ISP is having any troubles it will also produce the same laggy effect.

Run a Trace from your computer to your web site: When you download from your site, you are taking a path to get from your computer to your web site. To do so using Windows:

* Go to START
* Click on PROGRAMS
* Click on MS-DOS PROMPT
* Type TRACERT (replace with your domain or IP address)

You will see output that has lines like this: ( 0.929 ms 0.946 ms 1.012 ms ( 1.588 ms 1.380 ms 1.227 ms ( 1.446 ms 1.356 ms 1.779 ms ( 24.107 ms 24.046 ms 25.502 ms ( 23.818 ms 23.817 ms 23.859 ms

Each of the numbers above are three attempts that your computer makes to get to that location. A * or any number over 300 is a sign of a slow link.

If you see a slow link the problem is in the route upstream from us, between you and us. If the problem continues or is extended, you may want to consider calling them or contact us and ask that we contact them.

Test the speed from another part of the Internet in a different location and in your same location. provides a series of tools to test from various locations.

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