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How to add an SPF record from WHM?

Please refer to this to understand what SPF is:

For advanced users, you can use this Wizard to create your SPF record:

Once you know what SPF record you need to enter into your DNS zone, please login to WHM. Go to DNS Functions, Edit DNS Zone. Select the zone to edit, and click the Edit button.

Now you are editing the DNS zone. On this page, when adding an SPF record for the first time, add the new record below the line which says:

Add New Entries Below This Line

The first text field will contain your domain name with a terminating dot i.e.

Leave the number as it is in next field. After IN, select TXT from the drop down. In the next text field, add the SPF record with quotation marks e.g.

"v=spf1 a ~all"

Click the Save button and allow a couple of hours for DNS propagation.

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